Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday night at O'Quilts.....

I am sewing!!!  Just a simple wiggle stitch on a random child's quilt...
that does not bother my shoulder.
So good to be back in the saddle..Nothing like a crisis to get the adrenaline going..

From my dear blogging friend Margaret de Missouri...Look, just look at the fabric she found.
"Stitch"...My new dear kitten, Stitch  is thrilled that not only did Margaret think of him...but someone ..actually thought of making fabric with his name. 
 Speaking of the basket by my computer.
First it was for poor 16 year old Pumpkin so she could be close.
Within hours of Pumpkin's demise, Tigger was there..
Then Stitch came and took over.
Boo here...has no compunction at all...
Clearly a sense of cuteness entitlement!!!

Boo O'Quilts....says hello....all innocent and stuff..
I had a nice talk with my son tonight.  After no communication for a calling hospitals and jails..etc, totally freaking out...grief on top of grief!
Neurotic mother....He said that he wants to be clean, but cannot do it.  He was upset that he saw on Facebook that his children  went out with their mother and her boyfriend.
I am upset for him, but have to detach.
Mom and boyfriend went through tremendous work to be clean.
 My son has not.
My daughter is ending her climbing through Utah.
They are headed to my state, Arizona tomorrow.
 I lived 9 growing up years in Phoenix including the 3 years at Arizona State.
Stay tuned!!
This week I have been advocating for the children in the schools.  I have been sleeping and wandering around in grief.  Today, the wave passed and I started sewing.

Tonight, I had a wonderful date at Cabo's Mexican food tonight:
We did crazy selfies!!!!!!  I love it...6 years old and old grandma having fun!!
The other two went to black belt training at Karate.
Dylan will not be a black belt until December.  We took advantage of our time alone.
A visit to the dollar store for a treat for him...and dinner out.
Sherry says that every 15 minutes, I need to take a break from quilting for my shoulder's sake.
I think she means drinking red wine and blogging..I mind Sherry. She is always right.!!
So now, with the darlings gone to cousins' ...I am going to sleep in my clothes and not brush my teeth.
At my age, I have certain rights!!
And so it goes in the O'Quilt's household.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Daily Snippet..

Velcro!!! in patriotic colors...Love!!
A Joanne's fabric sale special..
Today I decided to wear my grandfather's bolo tie..
It is probably 70 to 80 years old
Since my daughter is headed to Arizona where I grew up.
I just wanted to be part of the action...from my recliner!!!

 Six year old Dylan brought this home from school.
It is on paper..but soon...I will have him make it on fabric...
I just love it.
Good things on this sad day of 18 months without my dear man.
A dark picture...but you get the message...
Today Boo was released from confinement...He is all better from his cold!!
Who is in charge?...Boo of course...the bully Stitch, now runs for
Boo is dressed in white for the upcoming Halloween ghost!!  He is 4 months.
Stitch is 6 months...
Kittens....It was a great decision..they are a joy.!!!
Then, my girl..and her man...
 A tiny cabin...better than a tent??, in Escalante, Utah...
On adventure.... Utah still.....
My friends to the rescue, on this anniversary day.....lunch out!
Yesterday, quilters to Cabos
Today, widows to Pio Pio...
Now, that I am off steroids and better from asthmatic bronchitis..
Maybe this upcoming week will be more uplifting.
My love would not want me in such despair...
He would be grateful for all the support I get from all of you..

Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 14....Buckle up Buttercup!

Sherry and I had an outing:
The bargain haul:
 Soft and cozy flannel for winter snuggles.
I am starting to crack.
It is the hour.
Tomorrow is 18 months a widow.
It hurts just way too much.

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Sparkly Day.

 OMG...I lost my post...
Where did it go??  I just finished it...Into the cloud?
Help me find it?
OK...again...I have always had a jealous part of me for folks who can knit.
I want hand knitted things for my Lynsey.
 Money cannot buy love...Then, here comes our Eithne with a lovely
hat and jacket...all knitted by hand for our Lynsey.
Our cup runneth over.  Thank you Eithne!!
Today was a lovely day...I hosted the Queen Bee for the first time in 3 or 4 years
I am grateful that I am finally emotionally well enough for this.
It was splendid...we  laughed, we sewed, we ate...!!
With my Little Blue, I was able to sew the border on this child's top:
Made a few potholder tops...always fun...

Ellen gave me lovely vintage perfect and soft.
Look!!  At least the chickens are getting along..
Evan, I am so glad that  you watched some of the debate last night.
At eleven years old, it was time for you to hear about some of the unacceptable things that some men say to women, about our political process and about men and women.  I cannot believe that we needed an informational talk before an American political event watched by the entire world.

The children are doing wonderfully in my home.  It is almost three years that I have been raising them.
They do well in school, have friends, do well in Karate, they are safe and happy.  They have regular contact with their parents and cousins.
They are learning conflict resolution skills, how to say I am sorry for my part, how to let go and forgive.
And...that being kind is being more important than being right.
I am learning right along with them.  This week I have had to apologize all over the place because of my steroid situation...Ugh...Grandma O'Quilts a big, snapping, crabby bear!!
Tomorrow is the last day...I am getting better and Boo is getting better!!

Why does it take a lifetime to learn to practice the Serenity Prayer????
(God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
to change the things I can...(which is only me!!!)
and the wisdom to know the difference.
(and I had to write it twice...just sayin')

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Everything is just a Process....after all...

HST Layer cake medallion..
Took so long cuz..the lattice pieces were 2 inches too short%^$  Really???

To my wonderful daughter...I think I see you on that mountain. Let me adjust my bifocals. 
You have not been eaten by a bear, bitten by a rattlesnake nor fallen off a cliff.
Not yet...
In fact, I think you told me, that you got up early today, went to the camp ground to claim the best spot.  pitched your tent....all by yourself. 
Your man, bringing in the bacon, by working, remotely on his laptop..
......on a park bench by the B&B
You have been gone for 5 weeks.

If I could choose might live in Charlotte and make babies and sew.
But, I did not do that myself, when I was you tell me often.
When I graduated from college and left Arizona to be a flight attendant with Pan Am,
My mother and grandmother stood waving goodbye.
They were wishing I would live in Phoenix,
make babies and sew.
When my grandmother left Sweden for America at age 15...I bet it was the same thing..
Adventure is just part of our family 
I just want to put it out there how proud I am of you.
Safe is not living.  Stuff happens anyway.
Your daddy would be so over the moon to see you now.

Tonight I am without the children.
I did not waste my time.
I did not cry.
I am pensive and mostly happy.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

HST Layer Cake Thing...#2 Always Changing...Like Life...

So here we are: more changes around the Layer Cake corner... 
 Way too much fun!

Here goes my girl again...biking with her man in the desert and mountains of Utah.
Checking out Emu eggs on a Wwoof in Utah..
 Playing her tin whistle in an Irish music session in Durango, Colorado
Eating my way through my stress with coffee ice cream...
Tomorrow I will just have to throw it away!!!! 
Did you hear me, Mrs. O'Quilts???

Spent the morning back at the county animal shelter with our Boo
We have only had him one week and he is so sick.
I took off his collar in anticipation of having to surrender him. is upper respiratory infection..drippy eyes, coughing..etc.
Evidently common in shelter cats .  It is stimulated by neutering..
They gave me a $200 voucher for a vet..
They made the appointment and put the directions in my phone.
10 days of antibiotics and eye cream and our Boo should be ready to play.
I have him tucked in my bathroom away from the other cats.

I am still going nuts with my asthmatic bronchitis.
The other night Lynsey crawled in bed with me in the middle of the night.
I was coughing.
Grandma!!!  You are having an asthma attack!
Did you do your breathing treatment??
No Lynsey, I forgot....
No, Grandma, you did not forget...You just hate the treatments.
You know Grandma...sometimes we just have to do things we do not like to do.
Said the seven year old to the 68 year old.
Someone has to keep Grandma O'Quilts straight!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Fun HST with a Yummy Layer Cake

I have now searched high and low for my grief pre-cuts...
Swooning with disbelief at the trillions I have.
I have found 7 layer cakes.  Making it fun,
 I am going to challenge myself to make each quilt different. 
Last group was snowballed.  This group is half square triangled!!
 All made with the 10 inch layer cake.

I love the challenge of change with colors and design.
 At first I had thought I would put them all with orange, but as I started,
Pink called out too.  Navy is pleading...
 With this tute from Jenny  I was easily able to make 4 pinwheels tonight during the news.
It is changing the shape of the quilt already.

As a survivor of Hurricane Andrew in Miami, I take none of wild weather lightly.
Today, I made sure I had the supplies on hand...just in case Matthew visits Charlotte.

From my friend Terri Lynn Doten, with her permission, I share:
an ALS survivor poem
Want to write, don't know what to say
My mind is boggled, can't even pray.
Life moved on without my heart
As the beast from hell tore my world apart.
Alone I stand, alone I walk
As I watched him lose his need to talk.
Objects dropped, muscles grew weak
And finally nothing left to speak.
An empty shell of a once strong mind
Snuffed out too short by the beast unkind.
Watched helplessly as he lost his life
Had to suck up pain and watch, as his wife.
A life torn apart from a damned disease
Where there is no cure, there is no ease.
Most days I think I'm going insane
From a damned disease that eats my brain.
I can't escape the memory
Of the visions that live inside of me.
Someday there will be a cure
And on that day I'll die for sure.
ALS took his life and mine
And I'm supposed to go on just fine?.
I've lived a torture I can't describe
No matter how many words I write.
Forever scarred, forever changed
By a disease so violent and deranged.

Today, I called the ALS clinic in Charlotte to get the clinic dates for October and November.
Maybe visiting those suffering from ALS now....will help me, as well as them.
Who knows.  I have not been able to even think of that until now...
Soon it will be 18 months a widow.
I always ask my love what to do.  He tells me.  Then I ask my mother what to do.
She tells me the exact same thing....A miracle..and they are not even here.

Susie S...Thank you for your comment.  Please give me your email address so we can chat.
I just had to post tonight.  I feel so much better when I do.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Animal Lover Post...and a nice supper with my mother

Welcome to 3 month old Boo.  "Boo",  cuz it is Halloween soon and he might be a ghost!!
Now, our dear Boo was neutered the day before this picture..His expression is bereft....
Love, forever lost!!
Yesterday was "Black Dog Day"  Because black dogs are 50% less likely to be adopted.
Voila..our Zoe...the best dog we have ever, ever had.
I gave her a Greenie treat!!
 Five month old Stitch is a pistol....He does not understand why 8 year old Zoe 
is not interested at playing with him!
Actually, Zoe would like Stitch to go away!!
Stitch is into the new "Cotton and Steel"
 I am way pleased that Stitch is turning out to be a quilting cat.
In 40 some years of quilting, I have never been into pre-cuts.
Now that grief got my tail, I find that they are easy, no-think items.
Actually, I also found that when Mr.O'Quilts was dying, I grieved thru online fabric bargains.
I found Layer cakes for $15, etc..etc..and yardage, especially on Hancock's of Paducah site
for $2.99 and $3.99 a yard with free shipping coupons...It was so much cheaper than talk therapy.

They are hidden everywhere...instead of M&M chocolate.
My grief pre-cuts.

With the previous batch, I snowballed the corners.
With this batch, I am going to HST them...
That is if Stitch will give me a break!

Today I went to a funeral.
It was hard.  Doing the right thing is often hard.
After, friends invited me to join them for dinner.
When I got to the restaurant, there were no seats left.
So I said my goodbyes...despite of No No No.
I started to cry when I realized that they were mostly couples.
As I drove home, I passed my mother's favorite restaurant.
A Mexican restaurant.  
I decided to eat supper with my mother.
For at least 10 years after my mother moved to Charlotte from Arizona, we ate at this Mexican Restaurant
First, she had a cane.  Then she had a walker.  Then she had a wheelchair.  Then...
We ate the same thing each time.
We sat in the same booth each time.
The waiters came to love her.
They called her Abuelita Preciousa.

When she no longer was able to get out of the car on her own,
 the waiters would come to the car and lift her into her wheelchair and push her in.
 Once she was in that state, we sat in a table instead of a booth.
I sat in that same table tonight.
We always looked at the same big beautiful Oak trees across the road and talked about life..
Here are the my mother and like me...
A few storms have rendered them not so spiffy  any more.
I watched the trees tonight..ate my enchiladas and drank a beer...
Skol  Mom...
I miss you so.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Just Life

The quilt that never was...Voila..a "historical quilt" with the date 2012 on it.
It is historical all right, since it is now 2016.  I just love it on my wall so I never finished it..
It is a of a trillion that I have.
Our Lynsey in cooking lessons from Ms Stephanie...
Mashing potatoes for dinner in her fancy dress choice for picture day!!!
Evan doing his keyboarding homework...such a guy!!
Dylan is sick...Please not pneumonia and strep...pls..
And thank you to my DIL for knowing me so well
She sent this pix from her beach trip!!

Yesterday, I sat in my car by this park in my neighborhood.
I used to take my mother here to have a taco and talk.
We had many a spite of her advanced Parkinson's
She was always ready for an outing.
The staff where she lived would lift her into my van.
 We would drive thru Taco Bell for our tacos.
We would laugh and cry and eat...kind of..She did have a hard time swallowing.
And then we would go back to her Assisted Living place where the staff would lift her back into the wheelchair.
Yesterday, I sat here and cried...missing her so..
Missing her wisdom and her sense of humor and her will to carry on.
I know you are tired of my grief stuff.
I just want you to know that it is everlasting.
The mistakes I made before my losses....
I, too, thought by this time it might be so much better for folks.
I was wrong!!!
I pray for forgiveness if I misunderstood any one's grief, before I really knew..
17 months a widow and tears still hang on my lashes every single day.
I sleep too much, I drink too much, I eat too much, I cry too much.
I am back on the fabric sale pages for therapy.. am at the shelter getting kittens...Lord help me...
(Our new "Boo"  is upstairs in my bathroom wearing a neck protection
He is 3 months old and was neutered at the shelter this morning.

ALS tears me apart constantly.
My dear man's love sustained me.
A person does not get over a 37 year love affair so easily.
I am trying to survive...I am so grateful for all the emails and comments here that lift me up.
People who help me believe that things will be OK and I will be able to carry on.
I am, once again....waiting for the Phoenix!!
20 things we do not want to know about life

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Snowballing the Layer Cake....a quilting post

Biking in the Park
This top is finished...a random part of a layer cake, snowballed
in spite of mudbrain thinking!
 Snowballing calms the busy look of the piece.
Here: a paper mache box I made from quilting wrapping paper..years ago.
With my pressed 3" corners for the snowballs.
.and my modern cell phone pix for remembering the quilt layout.
 The biggest helper of all:  our very own...Stitch!!
He is loving the cozy close feel of the green snowball corners.
He is proud that the green enhances his lovely eyes.
Don't you just hate quilters who are CAT show offs????  !!!!
My ortho appt today showed that my knee replacement is a brilliant success!!
It also showed a shoulder almost beyond repair...needing a total replacement pronto.
However, the doc does not want this new operation too close to the knee replacement..
Thus..he is scheduling the operation for March or April.
Kinda down in the mouth for another operation so soon...
And without my dear man..
I think the O' Quilts  might cheer ourselves with a playmate for Stitch this
It should be a fun outing with three children vying for which new cat to select at the shelter.
Crazy Grandma!!!