Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Weekend of Birthdays and Scrap-Busting.

Someone turned 9

MP bought the birthday cake...I was so relieved.
I am exhausted..
Thank you so much MP
Did you see the fun surprise...a rainbow inside!
It was a great success!!!

Daddy did not come, he came the next day promising rehab...sigh.
Lynsey wrote this note to him.  They love him and do not understand.
Lynsey's cousin, Olivia has a birthday a few days from hers.
This poor picture shows the pillowcase and dolly pillow we made to match.

My favorite scrap buster....Stitch..xoxox

 Easing my grief with potholders.
My man always said....Just go sew!!!

I have a nasty tooth ache..a wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled.
Of course this only reminds me of Mr. O'Quilts who would be driving me to the dentist and holding my hand and giving me tooth fairy money..

Instead, I am making potholders, taking 4 Ibuprofens every 7 hours
...... and drinking red wine.
Missing him so.

If you have never been in this widow spot...I hope you never are.
The hole in my heart hurts so so so much.
The children continue to do well....
However, they tend to blame me for everything..
They are safe with me.
When their daddy does not come, they blame me.
When their mommy makes a mistake...she is perfect, I am not.
When they go away for the weekend, but want to stay home on the computer all weekend
..It is Grandma's fault..
When homework has to be done...guess who is the witch?
It is all normal....
Sigh...that is my life.

Thank God for my blogging friends and my quilting friends and my peeps.
Thank God for my daughter who brings me joy.
Now, she says they may make their Portland yard a bird sanctuary.
I love her so.

PS  I forgot to tell you about a challenge...a group I know...all good friends of 10 to 18 years are doing a purple quilt challenge....Well...hmmm I think the quilt police are hovering...
Did you know how many shades of purple there are????
Everyone has a different opinion..
Just think of it as white.
.Have you ever gone to the paint store to check out different shades of white?
.There are hundreds...and so it goes...
Fun.It will be Fun.
.I cannot wait to see the final reveal....
Stay tuned...

Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Sewing

Hosted my Queen Bee this morning
A great sewing, friend-ing time was had by all.

That purple quilt...for the group 63 patches done.
Valentine tulips...for me.
Second favorite after sunflowers.
 This is the last time you will see this it is done.
I listened to Elaine, a no border quilt.
It was easy as I found two more rows I had forgotten.
Now it is big enough without a border.
 Funky fabric big enough for the backing and self-binding. fun...must have been a Halloween cheapo many moons ago.
Thank you Elaine.
The scrap dolly vintage use up blocks.
Done into a small quilt,,about 14 x 18.
Tomorrow's work..and then it is potholders.
Never in my life have I been without potholders to give away.
I need about 100...OMG
I was just told, that at my age, it takes about a month to recover from a fall.
I was not interested in that information.
I am more interested in rollerskating...
My favorite vacation place being the land of denial!!!!

My son, on the street, going from one rehab place to room at the inn.
A sad state of affairs in America, I say!!
Of course money could do it...a damn shame.

Good bye to husband's cousin.
Life as we know it...gone in a second...this crazy life of ours 
xoxo to the family...We are Muldoons!!!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Night Foraging...

I Found a Quilted Heart
A great idea that was done at the our Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild
These were made by Heather...I love them.
 The grands are giving them to someone at school.
Dylan chose his school counselor and gave it to her today.

Thank you Carol for the picture of flat Salvatore, Evan and Grandma O'Quilts.
So glad you retired!!
We had a great time at our quilting group Wednesday night...
Also known as understanding our smart lessons!!!!

from Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts
Comes our new group project.
We are going to make a purple quilt.
With all stages of quilters...we are making the easy blocks,
putting them all into a pillowcase for the shake up.
And sharing them, sight unseen for the purple quilts.
Stay tuned.
This little project is a straightening up my mess, in order to iron,
I found these left over hand pieced squares from an estate sale a few years back.
Squeezing the best out of them, I am making a tray liner, or a doll quilt..
This is how my WIP/UFOs never get finished...diversion...
But, I have made my weekend far, I have only done things NOT on the list,
like eat chocolate ice cream and pat the cat.
Planning my weekend tonight, I made a mistake of listening to the Irish Tenors.
Grief grabbed me by the throat and squeezed me so.
I had better switch to country western!!!
Music sung by the Irish Tenors that pounds so at  my heart..
You Raise Me Up
The Town I Love so well
Beautiful Dreamer

This was played at our wedding
Give Me Your Hand
I can see my husband in my eyes and in my heart.
It took two years before I could see him out of the Hoyer lift...
I guess there is progress.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Love and the Fabric Fix

For my 70th birthday, Cousin Ann, in London...gifted me with the best present of all.
A gift certificate of a very generous amount to Hancock of favorite online fabric store.
I decided to save it for a very stormy day.
Sure enough, the gales came last week, and I became stuck in the mud.
My fabric came today.  Euphoria!!!!
Thank you Ann...Thank you so much 
 First up...a great selection of whites/supporting fabrics... middle name..
 Stormy skies, holidays and houses
And, cute as a button children's animal fabric..

Yesterday, Poor Pitiful Pearl came again for a visit.
I could not get rid of I told her, that in spite of my fall,
I was going to Foust fabric outlet and to lunch with my friends.'
She had to stay home!!
I stuck to my guns and had a great and my pain meds and my peeps.
 It would have been hard to pass on the above fabric for $2.50 a yard.
Nor, the bottom Christmas felt cutouts for the children at 39 cents a yard.
I also bought Insul-Brite and some scissors..
From i Love Fabric came these 2  half yard pieces...with $3 shipping..not bad.

I am all better now...bruises from my fall , under control.
Gratitude that I broke nothing..
All better thanks to a LOT.of help from my friends.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Grandma O'Quilts needs a Hug

Please send virtual hugs and cheer to Grandma O'Quilts....
cuz I fell today and am feeling so sorry for self.
Yesterday was, not so much.
Lynsey went to her very first sleepover last night.
Dear old Grandma made the present as directed by Lynsey.
All my grands have had them for perfect for car rides, etc.
The inside pocket in the Irish theme...
Yesterday I had the best catch up lunch...
To my friend, I delivered Four Patch in Orange, number 4..a lap quilt.
Last night my dear SIL came in for the night...
Today, he moved their storage furniture, etc
into pods bound for Portland and their new house.
We had a lovely dinner out at Kabab-je...a favorite.

I am sick of this  is taking forever to find a border...too dark, too  light,
not enough contrast, ugh..I think I will just forget it for tonight as I am gloomy with pain.

Wednesday night quilters...Voila Muggs embroidery on her new machine that has had for less than a week...a whiz, she initialed pillowcase for her Aunt Lee' 99th.  Great job Muggs.
Marie is off to the races with these handy casserole warmers...
Sherry designed them and taught us how to  make them...another whiz in our group.
In different colors, you can buy these casserole /carrier/warmers on
SherryLynne Fabrics

Life changes in a freaking second...
I had been impoving...slowly, but improving.
Today, I was going out to my SIL's rented truck to see if there were any storage leftovers that I wanted.  My foot missed the brick on the sidewalk and off I went flat on my face.  TBTG Brian and his helper were able to break my fall...Flat on the ground, not really hysterical...but kinda...all I could think of was the end of my new hip..and having the operation all over again.
I knew I was dead.
The man helping Brian told me to look at I lay on the ground...He said I was not dying, that God was in charge not me...
I did not die. 
 I did not break my hip, nor anything else as I am quite well padded.
So worth the chocolate!!

The two of them lifted me up...a grande feat...good thing that they had been practicing with heavy furniture this morning...OMG
Down from the attic came the old walker...
Out from the corner came the 5 colorful canes..
Then off went my SIL to the airport to catch the flight to Portland.
And, here am I alone.
A great big baby...without Mr. O'Quilts!!
I am trying not to cry.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Grandma O'Quilts gets to sew

The pillowcase story.

A friend of sad..
.Her husband was deported a year ago.
He came to this country when he was 17.  He married and has four children...He was here 20 years, built a wonderful business, has a five bedroom house, paid taxes...One day, as he was leaving for work, coffee in hand..ICE came to his door.  He spent 5 months in an Atlanta detention center and then off he went to a country he had not seen in forever to relatives that are now dead.  His children are all young American citizens, now with anxiety.  What to do??  I can do nothing....just made four pillowcases..cozy flannel to spread the love.

I bordered this baby top tonight...
 I think it will be ok, with an orange binding...I am going to back it in this cute green print.
Girl???  Boy???
I am out of I ate Lynsey's cookies...guess I am off to the grocery store tomorrow.

The O'Quilt family has two kids down with aches and pains, stomach, head and body.
No fever.and no head cold.  TBTG they all got their flu shots.
Tonight I was planning on a self-absorbed evening when our....
 Stephanie encouraged me to go to the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild meeting.
I was sooo glad I went.
 I came home inspired by the quilts and the friends and the quilting.

Tomorrow's plans:  To cut strips to choose a border for this fun one patch of mine.

My girl and her man have bought a 1910 house in Portland, Oregon.
They will be so busy now bringing it up to their expectations.
Good news is so very wonderful.
Worry goal for the year..
Role model....Stitch.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Jalapeno Pepper

My life is like a Mexican lunch.  Eating away, enjoying the day, when out of the blue, a bite into the hidden jalapeno pepper changes everything.....
Grief the ocean waves..
So what to do??? NOT do the UFO or WIP
Start something new...
Here are two baby quilts I started today.  Both are a mix of flannel and quilting cotton.
My left hand has a tremor so sometimes the picture is a bit out of me.
 I wish I could concentrate on being creative.
Until then..I am having fun just sewing

Winter can be beautiful.
Zoe agrees, as we were able to sit outside today and read a bit.
 I kept thinking that someone was in my house today.
Voila...there from the laundry room, was Baby Alive speaking Spanish.
And, loudly...she is now banished to the garage.
Stitch and Boo are the jealous Zoe and I enjoy outside.
Next Friday, I am going to an ethics workshop.
Putting together some handwork to pass the time
I miss my Fintan.  He is everywhere but here with me.
Someone told me that he was an angel working on life's problems from above.
That would be just like him.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Happy = Creating

Sweethearts Quilt  From Cloud 9 Fabrics..a free cute and easy.
Cloud 9 has other adorable free tutorials too.
The cute pastel doggies are from 40 years ago.
I bought them in Germany and never wanted to use them.
At my new age..time is so running out!!!....Ha!!
Looking here at flannel scraps..Mixing them with quilting cotton for St Louis 16 patch
made with 4 inch strips.  I was going to mix them all for an easy baby quilt...but now I think I will keep pink with pink and blue with blue.

For Rhonda, who has encouraged me all thru my grief.
MY grandmother's cookbook and the 7 minute frosting recipe.
Grandma always put this on our angel food cakes for birthdays.

My 12 year old grand had the nasty mouth going on this morning..OMG
I grounded him for it, which made the mouth worse.
He emailed me several times from school saying he was sorry.
I said, I accept sorry. You still have to have your consequences, which I listed.
Once home, he trimmed my front garden, he made 10 bobbins for me and folded fabric on shelves.
All without attitude.
I was so happy, I set him free...wahoo...

The difference in children....Lynsey is 8.  She does all her homework need for me to harp.
Her idea of fun, is to put a quilt in the yard with her dolls and read a book for herself and one to her

The seven year old is his father's son.  He loves to work and figure things out.  However, he is much more easy going than his daddy..TBTG

I am grateful for a good day.  Nice to be at the top of the wave.
The POOL After a year of surgeries, they still love me..
All of this has changed my hair to grey..., Bingo, seems.
Lunch out, a nap and sewing.
Soo happy