Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Durned Good Day

Oh..Wednesday night....Friends...
 Dear Muggs is now my age...Welcome friend...for 2 months that is😍😍
When I, once again...out grow you..
 A birthday present for her beach house...from Nancy and me!!!!
 A bag made in one hour...sigh...It took longer than that for me to find the fabric I got for her last year.. I probably should have interfaced it..but time was short..
Muggs rides a green bike just like this around Oak Island..
Grandma O'Quilts sews tonight, eight grocery bag holders for holiday gifts.
 Muggs' show and tell....a gift from a niece..
  Trip Around the World block of yesterday.
And so it goes...Today I slept and did errands.
I was grateful that my cane and I were able to go...
I visited my friend Peggy at AAA
The best Janome dealership in Charlotte.
Sad to see that our dear machine mechanic had died last week.
Very sad, for us that is....
He came to work on Monday and was dead on Tuesday.
Fine work at 82!!!!  He was amazing.
Another friend, retired with dementia.
Peggy is about my age.  Four weeks ago she had a hip replacement.
Today, we had matching canes...but that was about all...
She was just a waltzing around working in her shop...
..Jeeze Louize...I have a jealous nature.

But, I was brave and strong and true...
I did not whine...
I just came on home and...
ate Candy Corn!!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Wonderful, Wonderful.....

A wonderful visit with my son this afternoon.
Dylan showing off his 2nd grade reading skills for his Daddy.
Daddy teaching boys how to chop down a tree done in by Hurricane  Maria.
Evan took the hatchet and did it all himself..Daddy so proud.
Dylan not to be left out..
See the Coleus...a tropical plant looking so like fall here.

Zoe getting tired of the story..She wants to do trees with the boys.
 Lynsey does not care...she is into the book.

I found this great tutorial.. on Mill House Quilt Tutorials number 10/Generational Quilts
Shared by Shasta at High Road Quilter
I loved it and had never heard of Mill House Quilts.
Thank you Shasta.

Donut Wall Party
A great idea for a birthday party for an old lady???
Oh, OK..not!!  How about a nine year old?

Today was a great day
I decided that two Naproxen was better than one.
 I went to the pool and was able to do everything.
I dropped into Michael's for candy melts for cool Halloween cookies I can make with the kids.
Halloween yummy treats
I had an awesome lunch out with a bestie.

And then, the best part of all...My son came to visit.
I have been worried for a month about my odometer..being broken.
The yellow light was on and I knew that a broken odometer was illegal.
Within seconds of getting my son off the bus, he pushed a button and the light went out.
He said that OD stood for overdrive, not odometer..hmmmm says old granny.

Within the hour, he had wiped out half the chores on my list. He can do most everything.
The tree came down, the oil was filled in the car, the hook on the wall fixed, the garage with the boys organized..sewing room light switch fixed....I am so very happy.
He took the kids to the creek and played with them.
He is such a great daddy...for four hours anyway.

Breaking bad tonight, we missed bedtime by all of us taking him to the bus stop.
A family adventure.
He left to go back to his world..
I love my son.
His kids filled his back pack with their granola bars and Gatorade.
They want him to have food.
He has lived in the woods for 3 years now.
We have not heard from him in 5 weeks.
Tonight was a stellar visit.

He said not to worry, he would be back soon to fix the fence and the electrical outlet on the porch.
And have more fun with his children in the creek.
My cup runneth over with joy...
Wonderful, wonderful.

Getting ready early for Christmas..Thank you Terri for quilting this.
Here I am free motioning the tree star circles..and getting read for a binding.
Life is just so good today.
I love the world.

ps: How we roll at our house. Seven year old Dylan sneaks into his 12 year old brother's bed at night.
So very sweet.

Tomorrow will be good too.
More Naproxen, my great therapist and a quilting birthday party.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Stuck, Unstuck, Unsticking

My girl always seems to be there when I need her...
Today was a tough day....when here in the mail came two fat quarters from
The Portland quilting extravaganza!!
When I make something from these, I will think of love.
I have been working on the blocks from Mr. O'Quilt's shirts for a Christmas treat.
Don't you love the Wimpy Kid addition!!!!!
I have made nine blocks this weekend..the result:  I started missing my man.
Missing him something awful.
I have put them away for now.  Can you imagine that I have had to make a note in my phone where I have put them, so I can find them again!!!
Can you believe that it has come to that.??
 After 2.5 years, I still find myself seeing my dear man suffering from motor neurone disease..ALS, the beast!!  I see him hanging from a Hoyer lift, eating from a hole in his stomach, breathing from a breathing machine and being paralyzed in the bed, unable to talk but by a whisper.  
Grief spews from my pores on this rainy day.

 I think of my grands and what a great team we have become in the 4 years I have been raising them.  They have their own rooms, their own chores, their own personalities..We are for sure a we help each other..hang together.
 They each have their own animals to sleep with.
They love Ms Stephanie.and they love our  home.
The two little ones really, really love their school!

It is helpful that I was an AD/HD specialist in my work before I retired.
Having raised my son...I had the at home experience too... My dear man was here then.
Two more...maybe three....of these darlings.have it.too.
In the next two weeks, I will be in the schools advocating for these children, writing 504 plans, giving permission for testing.  I am retired.
  I do not know how single mothers do it.
Then , there is Girls on the Run, Karate and homework which is getting harder and harder.

Writing this lifts my spirits. I know I repeat myself. I know I am doing a good job..
I cannot fix the 7th grader's feeling that he is stupid and all the kids are looking at him and he is embarrassed by everything. I am afraid that that is middle school angst.
I wish that their parents helped around here some..
They pay no child support.  They  have their own kind of lives.

On this rainy day, I am going to sit on the screened in porch and read, work on cleaning my sewing room...I am going to forget my hip taking decades to heal, and I am going to celebrate what I do there, whiny Mrs. O'Quilts
Thank you to my peeps on Saturday night for cheering my evening.
Thank you to Dae and her man for bringing dinner.
And so, this silly song...ha!!
I believe in you
Grandma sings, I Fall to Pieces

Friday, October 6, 2017

Grandma O'Quilts Rides Again

I have been cleaning!!!  Not sewing...
It has been taking forever in order to put everything in its place!!

Eithne....look what I found after 3 years lost!!!!!!!
Whenever I look for my comfy quilt made from Mr.O'Quilt's shirts,
 it is wrapped around Evan..
It is batted with nice.
Just now I dug out some of the scraps..
I think I will make him his own for Christmas.
After all, cleaning is so overrated.
 Of course, my clean sewing room.....did not last....
Evan and Dylan at 6:30 am making Mickey Mouse waffles.
before the school bus comes..
Evidently the boys feel work is done best from a sitting position
Lynsey doing her homework online on Spelling City

Pain and exhaustion have their way of changing perspective.
Yesterday, my mind's eye had me dying..there was no hope of  hip recovery nor grief recovery.
Today, after a nice sleep and  lunch out with a friend,
I am alive, and liking it...OMG 
Advocating in the schools for my AD/HD grandchildren.
Seventh grade is the worst.
Evan has announced that he is stupid, that he no longer cares if he is failing.
He is failing because he forgets to turn in his homework.
He has given up and it is only the second month of school.
I will find the way to afford a tutor....if it is just for organizational skills..
His medication has been doubled.

My deteriorating joint disease continues.
As I recover, slowly from the hip operation, the other hip and knee are starting to hurt....
I cannot bear this..
I will not think of this
I will only think of today.

The children have left for the weekend.
I am here with the animals
Reading on the deck, a Maisie Dobbs mystery..relaxing.
Of course, at my age, I need large print books, which limits my choices.
It is so nice to be.....
Looking up at the 20 some 100 foot pine trees whispering to me in my yard.
They are older than I am...I think??  I hope??

I see the huge Gardenia bush carried as a slip from the now gone,
 Great Aunt Carl in Greenville, Alabama.
My husband's roses blooming still in October while
the colorful autumn leaves and acorns continue to fall

In the field next door are deer families.
Our Zoe lets them know that she is here.

I am in the clean corner of my sewing room.....
 peaceful and content, even though,
 I am regretting telling my sister to stop bringing me candy corn....

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Growing and Growing

Fabric freak here couldn't resist some Amy Butler specials at MQG
"Eternal Sunshine"  Sateen

Twelve year old Evan making pancakes.
Lynsey showing off  her fabric collection.
She has made a spot for herself!!
The story:  When Lynsey was five, she had this flannel shirt that she loved.
Grandma put it into the Goodwill, cuz, it was way too small.
Grandma fished it out of the Goodwill bag when Missy complained.
Three years later, Lynsey helped me make her doll a shirt from that very shirt of hers.
We put the pattern over the buttons and Voila..
Lynsey learned right sides together, how to sew a straight line, how fun sewing can be!!!
She was home from school that day with a bit of reaction to her flu shot.
She used her time to sew with me and to watch American Girl videos on how to make things for your doll.
Dylan and Grandma researched 2nd grade reading books on Amazon.
He picked out a few and has been reading ever since..
 Evan loves the cute little Mickey Mouse waffle iron.
He surprised us this morning with breakfast!!
They are growing up..and oh, so helpful.
Grandma  is growing too, unfortunately I think it may be the candy corn.

I must say that I am surprised at the homework.
All homework is online and it is way difficult.
Poor kids with no computers.  The library has computers but limit the time.
Today I found out that all report cards are online too.
I just figured out Power School...kind of...ugh!!

I have to figure out now, how to install Spelling City
and Xtra math and Compass Learning.
TBTG Raz Kids was installed last year.

Also, just realized that I can no longer stand on a stool safely to change a light bulb or to fix the strings that pull the lights on.
 I cannot fix a broken screen on the porch.
But I can walk!!!

Evan is grounded for his grades.
While he was sleeping, I saw his remote for his X-box and took it.
Today he had the last laugh...Grandma took the remote for the race car.!!!
He thought that was  hilarious.
Poor Grandma O'Quilts...trying so hard to get with the times..

Friday, September 29, 2017

More Quilty finishes from vacation....

Zippy purses...I made 25 of them!!!
tute from the Empty Nester

The can lid grippers for Dylan to sew for holiday presents,
 Some grocery bag holders for Lynsey to sew.
 My sister's Bento Box for her neighbor with Lupus.
Utube tute from Fons and Porter

 MP finished her top of 5 years in the making...mostly my scraps.
Way to go MP
 Even we took a sewing break...of course it was for eating!!!!
Drenna made a bag as gift
She embroidered the crown
She is a whiz on the embroidery gifting.
Muggs' specialty..aprons..
Sherry our group's creative brain designed this awesome casserole carrier
We do not have the tute yet, It can be passed around the table without getting burned..
Somehow missing is Terri's jewelry bags and hand applique
This is it...all but the awesome sunset and the sound of friends laughing.
We had the best time ever.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

So Much to Tell You...and so Little Time

Back from 4 day vacation at Oak Island!!!
Thank you Muggs for the best ever.
Tonight I have time to show the blocks I made from UFO's
Disappearing nine- patch favorite easy.
 I usually spend time with this sort of top, rearranging to suit.
This time..what I see is what I get.  I do not think it  matters 
how many purples or blues are back to back.
Below..lunch break..with tables at both ends...we have 8 sewing machines!!!!
The hummmm  of happiness...
More tomorrow...
The two baby quilts I made from the jelly roll top I did
in the nursing home 2016 while recovering from my knee operation.
 Tonight at Charlotte MQG I donated them to the church bazaar.
They give us free rent for our meetings.
Thank you Terri for quilting them.
Now it is bed time.
I am soooo much better.
I am so happy.
9 weeks and 3 days and barely a hipped up whine tonight!!..

Friday, September 15, 2017

Just Plain Stuff

You go Lynsey...You are Grandma's  doll...strong wimp here..!!!
You know you can be pretty on the inside and outside.
Still be a leader..
Lynsey was just accepted by lottery to Girls on the Run!!!!

Just sayin'...The kids found the candy corn...
Today was my first day at the pool in 9 months...
I can I drove and drove and went to the grocery store for the first time in 2 months.
There was Edy's ice cream one...get one free..
So without  my candy corn...I was so pressured in the ice cream department.

Let me just say that eating salad and drinking water did not save my dear man.
My mother's doctor gave her a prescription for chocolate ice cream for her Parkinson's
And let me just say that Expresso Chip is outstanding..
So, there all you thin.... your life!!!

From the very, very expensive Singapore comes fabric at $30 a yard.  hmmmm

My girl enjoying her life...Singapore, the town..

Be proud of me my pain, but walking around anyway!!
Cutting fabric for the grocery bags..(Lynsey's holiday projecct}
So hoping the children learn that Christmas and holidays are about others too.
And, the reason for the season...
 And for Dylan's project...rubbery shelf liner traced around a plate.
Glued and sewn by 7 year old Dylan for his holiday presents.
A bottle or can gripper..opener!!!!
Muggs' gift to us:
A vacation at her beach house.
Eight women with eight sewing machines for four days.
So happy to have the house and animal sitter lined up..
Actually, just quite happy.
Thank you our dear Muggs.

ps...Did I tell you that I found an awesome new grief therapist.
Second round, next stage...sigh...
Grandma is!!

ps again....Debbie Hix   I cannot email you...can you please give me your email address..xoxo